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  • Yu Yo-1 Awaken! Peace Is Pending3:55
  • Yu Yo-2 Magknowlia3:17
  • Yu Yo-3 Periwinkle Bleu3:13
  • Yu Yo-4 Rapture5:14
  • Yu Yo-5 So This Is Love4:19
  • Yu Yo-6 Dirty Walk4:04
  • Yu Yo-7 A General Attitude Of Forgiveness3:52
  • Yu Yo-8 Children Of The Law Of One4:05
  • Yu Yo-9 Carry On-Spencer's Opus3:27
  • Yu Yo-10 Journey's End2:24

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"Solitaire Reflection"

Freely Relax to Yu Yo's Quiet Time Music:

  • 1. Harvest Moon Alpha2:41
  • 2. Hopi Time Line2:10
  • Last Rose of Summer-Instrumental Version4:46
  • 3a. Solitaire Reflection4:21
  • 3b. Solitaire Reflection5:37
  • 3c. Solitaire Reflection3:59
  • 3d. Solitaire Reflection3:30
  • 4a. Thunder Beings5:14
  • 4b. Thunder Beings2:54
  • 4c. Thunder Beings4:18
  • 4d. Thunder Beings5:05
  • 4e. Thunder Beings1:13

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 "Awaken! Peace is Pending"

Inspired by a multitude of musical styles: Yu Yo developed a keen sense of composition and lyric writing for the various genres. Growing up in Atlanta, Yu Yo married Magnolia, the woman of his dreams (literally), and moved to Nashville in the late 1980s. He has since traveled the globe performing with some of Music City's most notable entertainers. Writing and recording are now his focus. Nurturing the planet is his purpose; Magnolia--the object of every Love Song!

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  • 4:48
  • The Universal Law 1:10

"Last Rose of Summer"- Painting by Nina Stewart

Ten inspiring and thought provoking songs;


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